MacCarthy, Admiral Desmond. Admiral Desmond MacCarthy on a visit to Windhoek on 12 May 1950 (11)
Maharero. Photographic copy of picture of Maharero?? (2)
Malan, D.F., Dr. Arrival of Mr. D.F. Malan in Windhoek for an election campaign on 7 April 1953 (4)
Malan, D.F., Dr. Speech by Dr. D.F. Malan during an election campaign in Windhoek on 7 April 1953 (2)
Malan, D.F.: Visit by Dr. D.F. Malan to South West Africa in 1948. Possibly after the National Party won the elections in South Africa. July 1948 (16)
Malan, D.F.: Visit of the Dr. D.F. Malan (later Prime Minister of South Africa) to South West Africa. Dr. Visser (114)
Malan, D.F.: Visit of the Dr. D.F. Malan, Prime Minister of South Africa, to Windhoek (8)
Male drummers at Efundula, Ovamboland (2)
Mandume Ya Ndemufayo, King of Uukwanyama (1)
Mandume YaNdemufayo, King of Uukwanyama (1)
Mandume ya Ndemufayo, King of Uukwanyama, entering a homestead with followers, probably at Oihole (3)
Mandume Ya Ndemufayo, King of Uukwanyama, One follower kneeling (1)
Man in front of a Whippet car next to tree, ca.1932 (1)
Man in rye field, Angola (1)
Manu Dibango musical concert in Windhoek at Independence Arena, Katutura (3)
Man with dogs sitting in a hunter's camp, car on left (1)
Margaret Mensah-Williams (1)
Marine soldiers on boat (5)
Marine soldiers walking on street. Unknown (1)
Martii Ahtisaari's departure after Namibia obtained independence on 31 March 1990 (7)
Max Baericke and labourer in front of a prospect sign board (1)
Max Baericke's gold mine, Kassinga, Angola (1)
Max Baericke's Werft in Kassinga, Angola (1)
Max E. Baericke, Benguela, Angola (1)
Max, the prospector, in front of his house, Kassinga (1)
MediCity Hospital. Official opening by Dr. Libertine Amathila (10)
Men. Group of Ovambo men in traditional dress (1)
Men's choir from Hamburg - Hamburger Sänger. Arrival at Windhoek Airport. 13.3.63 (7)
Men's choir from Hamburg - Hamburger Sänger. Concert and dance in Sport Club Windhoek (SKW). 29.3.67 (27)
Men's choir from Hamburg - Hamburger Sänger. Garden Party. 30.3.63 (9)
Men's choir from Hamburg - Hamburger Sänger. Garden Party and concert in SKW hall. 30.3.63 (22)
Men working in foundry, the Windhoeker Maschinenfabrik (12)
Metje and Ziegler. Demolition of old Metje and Ziegler Building in Stübel Street. Nov. 66 (4)
Metje and Ziegler store after renovation and refurbishing. 14 September 1967 (29)
Metje + Ziegler Motors & Engineering. Mercedes Benz lorry. 16.1.64 (1)
Metje + Ziegler Motors & Engineering. Six ton Mercedes lorry and sedan car. 18. Oct. 1962 (3)
Metje + Ziegler Motors & Engineering. Two sedan cars. Feb 63 (4)
Metje + Ziegler.New buidlings in Kaiser Street under construction from the west and the east. 22 Oct. 1968 (10)
Metje + Ziegler. Various window displays. Done for Mr. Neumann. November 1965 (5)
Meyer with wife and Cramer in front of his house, Angola (1)
A millet-field after harvest, Ovamboland (1)
Mineral water factory in Windhoek. Metzler (13)
Ministry of Fisheries signing an agreement with Norway for a vessel for inspection (3)
Miscellaneous. Herero traditional leaders (2)
Miscellaneous. Herero traditional leaders. Ombara Kahimemua Nguvauva no zerekaze (1)
Miscellaneous. Herero women (2)
Miscellaneous. Juveniles soccer team (1)
Miscellaneous. Meeting of Herero men with Rev. Michael Scott during his visit to SWA/ Namibia (1)
Missionary family in front of house (1)
Miss Namibia beauty pageant April 1990 (13)
Mobil Oil of Southern Africa. Conference at the Windhoek Golf Course on 14 April 1967 (14)
Mobil Oil Southern Africa. Mobil Powerguard Handicap on 24 Feb. 1971 (14)
Monis Wineries. Handing over of prizes to the "Lucky Waiter' at the Thüuringer Hof Hotel on 11 Feb. 1965 (7)
Motor car stuck in the mud of a flooded riverbed, Southern Namibia, ca.1930 (1)
Mountain Club Buildings. February 1976 (11)
Mouton (1)
Mr. Cramer in front of wooden hut, Angola (1)
Mr. Molier. c/o Steencamp (13)
Mrs. Olga Levinson as mother with baby and child (3)
Mukorob. Finger of God. Picture (1)
Mulongo, a labourer of Max Baericke (1)
Mumbala, Rufus. Portrait (2)
Municipality Windhoek. Cosmos Flats. Contract assigned to Lava Construction. 1968 (5)
Municipality Windhoek. Handing over of award/prize to Bernadette Buchert of the Holy Cross Convent for her speech on road safety by the mayor of Windhoek, Mr. Con Katzke. 17 Dec. 1968 (2)
Municipality Windhoek. Mayoress Bell. May 1965 (1)
Municipality Windhoek. Mr. Con Katzke, the mayor of Windhoek, at his desk, 17 Dec. 1968 (2)
Murray + Stewart. Pictures of building in Kaiser Streer. 21 Jan, 1965 (3)
Museum or Library exhibition and picture of unknown person. Person and date unknown (3)
Museum Swakopmund in December 1952 (7)