Walfischfangstation, Sturmvogelbucht. Bearbeitung eines Walfisches (3)
Walfischfangstation, Sturmvogelbucht. Bearbeitung eines Walfisches. Walfisch vor Gebaude liegend (1)
Waltz evening. Evening of Vienna Waltz dancing (11)
Wanderers Club. Dance ball: A night in Paris. Held at the hall of the Wanderers Club. 2 Oct. 1970 (8)
Wanderers Club. Handing over of first prize to winner, Mrs. Kathleen Dodds: Flight ticket to Paris. Sponsored by South African Airways. 13 March 1971 (1)
Wanderers Club. Windhoek. Wanderers Rugby trophys. Sept. 1962 (2)
Warehouse Theatre building (5)
Waring, F.W. Portrait of South African Minister of Information. 27 Sept. 1963 (1)
Waring, F.W. Tea party by F.W. Waring, South African Monisyter of Information (11)
Warnke at Baumgartsbrunn: German Minister for Development and Cooperation on a visit to Baumgartsbrunn School (9)
Warnke (Mrs) visiting Hospital and Red Cross in Namibia (5)
Waterberg: Cemetery with graves of German soldiers (1)
Waterberg during sunset (1)
Waterberg: Graves of the Diekmann family near the Waterberg (1)
Waterberg: Herero women on a farn near the Waterberg (1)
Waterberg Plateau Park (5)
Waterberg. Restaurant at the Waterberg (1)
Waterberg. View from the Waterberg on surrounding planes (1)
Waterberg - view on (1)
Water slide at Swakopmund (3)
Water tower at Karibib railway station. In the background "Hotel Zum Grünen Kranze" ca. 1948 (1)
Welwitschia mirabilis plant (1)
Western view of Karibib railway station ca.1948. Trees and fence in foreground (1)
Whippet motor car, licence K 240 in Keetmanshoop, next to a tree, 1929 (1)
Whippet motor car, licence K 240, in Keetmanshoop, Paul R. Petzold and child next to it (1)
Windh0ek. Katutura - meeting hall (1)
Windhoek. 75th anniversary. Picture of the Curt von François statue in front of the Windhoek Muncipality buildings (2)
Windhoek. 75th anniversary. Pictures of various festivities (144)
Windhoek. A day in Windhoek. March 1998 (22)
Windhoek. Aerial view (1)
Windhoek. Alte Feste (1)
Windhoek Baptist Church. Suiderhof, Corner Blackwood and Republic Road. 1980 (5)
Windhoek. Bowling green next to Tintenpalast (1)
Windhoek. Brass band in Windhoek (1)
Windhoek. Buildings. May 1964 (10)
Windhoek. Carnival in Windhoek:In fron of the post Office Building (2)
Windhoek. Carnival in Windhoek: In front of the High Court Building (2)
Windhoek. Carnival in Windhoek: Interflora Wagon (1)
Windhoek. Carnival in Windhoek: Kaiser Street. Corner of Metje and Ziegler Building (2)
Windhoek. Carnival in Windhoek: Oldsmobile car (1)
Windhoek. Carnival in Windhoek: Wagon with Swakopmund lighthouse (2)
Windhoek. Carnival in Windhoek: Youg lady in Bikini (1)
Windhoek Chamber of Commerce. Second meeting of S.W.A. 26-27 March 1963 (10)
Windhoek Chamber of Commerce. Windhoekse Sakekamer. Meeting in the Continental Building,. 21 July 2011 (9)
Windhoek. Christuskirche (1)
Windhoek. Cloud formations after a rain storm (1)
Windhoek. Convent of the Holy Cross building (1)
Windhoek District. View of Windhoek Old Location and Auas Mountains as seen from Gammams. 15000-17000. 6:9 = 16403 (4)
Windhoek District. View of Windhoek Old Location. School children on a Sunday. (1)
Windhoek. Equestrian statue (1)
Windhoeker Maschinenfabrik. Work in the workshop and office. Sept. 1963 (18)
Windhoek. Garden party hosted by Mayor Fanie Spies. 14 April 1962 (39)
Windhoek - general photographs (39)
Windhoek - general photographs. St. Pauls, Municipal Buildings, Post Office (9)
Windhoek General Post Office in 1951 (32)
Windhoek. Herero woman in front of a house (1)
Windhoek. Herero woman standing in garden in Windhoek (1)
Windhoek. Herero woman woth child on her arm (1)
Windhoek. Herero woman woth child on her back (1)
Windhoek High Court buildings (1)
Windhoek. Inauguration of the Simon de Wit Bridge on 17 May 1962 (18)
Windhoek. Inauguration of the Springbok Fountain in front of the Zoo Park. It was sponsored by the Windhoekse Sakekamer and the Windhoek Chamber of Commerce for the occasion of the 5th Republic Festival. 4 May 1966 (29)
Windhoek. Jakaranda trees with flowers (1)
Windhoek. J.G. Strijdom airport. Formerly Eros airport (1)
Windhoek. Katutura - Church building (1)
Windhoek. Katutura: Person playing guitar (1)
Windhoek. Katutura - Super market (1)
Windhoek. Lightning bolt over Windhoek (1)
Windhoek Municipality. Christmas lighting in Windhoek from 1 Dec. 1974 to 2 Jan. 1975 (32)
Windhoek Municipality. City of Windhoek 79 years old. Laying of wreath at Von François Statue by the mayor Mr. J.B.H. von Prittwitz. 18 Oct. 1969 (11)
Windhoek Municipality. Civic dinner (Banquet) on the occasion of the farewell of the Administrator of South West Africa, Mr. Daan Viljoen, in the Continental Hotel on 4 Nov. 1963 (11)
Windhoek Municipality. Clock made from marble presented to the outgoing Administrator for S.W.A., Mr. Wenzel Christoffel du Pleasis. 17 Oct. 1968 (1)
Windhoek Municipality. Cold buffet in honour of the Administrator of South West Africa, Mr. W.C. du Plessis, in the Grand Hotel. & Feb. 1964 (6)
Windhoek Municipality. Election of mayor Rev. A.G.C. Yssel for a second term. Vice mayor: M.J. van Taak. 9 March 1977 (9)
Windhoek Municipality. Election of new mayor for Windhoek: Major M.J. van Taak. 9 March 1978 (20)
Windhoek Municipality. Election of new mayor for Windhoek. Mr. J.J. Botha was re-elected. 13 March 1972 (1)
Windhoek Municipality. Election of new mayor for Windhoek. Mr. J.J. Botha was re-epected. 13 March 1972 (3)
Windhoek Municipality. Election of new mayor, Mr. Günter Kaschik. 19 March 1974 (16)
Windhoek Municipality. Election of Rev. A.G.C. Yssel, the present mayor for a second term. Vice mayor: M.J. van Taak. 9 March 1977 (5)
Windhoek Municipality. Engineering Congress. Fashion show in the Continental Hotel. 20 May 1964 (6)
Windhoek Municipality. Engineering Congress. Group photo of Engineering Council (?) in front of State Museum. 20 May 1964 (1)
Windhoek Municipality. First City Council meeting in the new Windhoek City Hall. 29 Jan. 1965 (12)
Windhoek Municipality. Freedom of the City of Windhoek awarded to the Regiment of Windhoek. 7 Dec. 1974 (34)
Windhoek Municipality. Garden party hosted by the Mayoress of Windhoek, accompanied by a fashion show by Alma Modehuis in the Zoo Park. (38)
Windhoek Municipality. Group photographs of the City Council. 24 Sept. 1963 (1)
Windhoek Municipality. Group photo of City Councillors. Feb. 1967 (1)
Windhoek Municipality. Group photo of City Councillors. Feb. 1968 (2)
Windhoek Municipality. Group photo of city councillors with Mayor Sam Davis. 9 March 1966 (2)
Windhoek Municipality. Group photo on the Executive Committee of the Windhoek City Council with Mayor J.J. Botha. 7 March 1973 (4)
Windhoek Municipality. Group photo on the Windhoek City Council with Mayor J.J. Botha. 7 March 1973 (3)
Windhoek Municipality. Group picture of the councillors in front of the old and new City Hall. 7 Dec. 1964 (4)
Windhoek Municipality. Handing over of a book in Windhoek City Hall on the occasion of Windhoek's 75th anniversary by the German Stock Exchange Association in Frankfurt. 5.10.65 (6)
Windhoek Municipality. Handing over of coat of arms by Mr. Abeler of the City of Wuppertal in Germany, to Mr. Sam Davis, Mayor of Windhoek. 9 March 1966 (6)
Windhoek Municipality. Inauguration of the new Muncipal Buildings on 25 Nov. 1964 (34)
Windhoek Municipality. Inauguration of the new Zoo Park by Mayor Fanie Spies on 25 April 1963 (28)
Windhoek Municipality. J.B.H. von Prittwitz und Gaffron, Windhoek's mayor, at his desk. April 1969 (4)
Windhoek Municipality. Katutura Non-Whites Advisory Board. 20 Jan. 1966 (2)
Windhoek Municipality. Laying of the foundation stone for the new municpal buildings and city hall on 19 August 1963 (14)
Windhoek Municipality. Mayor J.B.H. von Prittwitz und Gaffron with City Councllors in the Muncipal Buildings. 4 March 1970 (6)
Windhoek Municipality. Mayor's wife, Mrs. von Prittwitz und Gaffron, invited for the traditional tee party in the Safari Motel. 6 August 1969 (8)
Windhoek Municipality. Meeting of S.W.A. mayors in the Windhoek Railway Institute. 20-21 Okt. 64 (19)
Windhoek Municipality. Opening of the Windhoek water recycling plant in Windhoek Sport Club's hall. 21 Jan. 1969 (64)
Windhoek Municipality. Parade through the streets of Windhoek organised by the Windhoek Municipality and the National Road Safety Council (?). 11 Aug. 1979 (30)
Windhoek Municipality. Pictures of boilers at Old Power station. 1965 (33)
Windhoek Municipality. Portrait of Mayor J.J. Botha in the mayor's office. 23 March 1971 (2)
Windhoek Municipality. The Freedom of the City of Windhoek was presented to the Regiment of Windhoek at an event in Windhoek on 7 Dec. 1974 (14)
Windhoek Municipality. Visit from Angola: Mayor of Sá da Bandeira on a visit to Windhoek (16)
Windhoek Municipality. Visit of Mr. J. d. F. Fernandes, President of D Câmara of Sa da Bandeira to Windhoek. 5-10 September 1971 (19)
Windhoek Municipality. Walter Scheel. Visit of the Vice President of the German Parliament, the Bundestag, and Chairman of the FDP (Freie Demokraten) to Windhoek. 3 April 1969 (3)
Windhoek Municipality. Welcoming dinner for the new Administrator for S.W.A., Mr. B.J. van der Walt and his wife in the Safari Motel by the mayor of Windhoek, J.J. Botha. 5 Nov. 1971 (12)
Windhoek Municipality. Windhoek 81 years old. Laying of wreath at the Curt von François memorial by Windhoek's Mayor, Mr. J.J. Botha. 18 Oct. 1971 (17)
Windhoek Municipality. Windhoek 84 years old. Laying of wreath at the Curt von François memorial by Windhoek's Mayor, Mr. Günter Kaschik. 18 Oct. 1974 (10)
Windhoek Municipality. Windhoek 85 years old. Laying of wreath at the Curt von François memorial by Windhoek's Mayor, Mr. Günter Kaschik and others. 18 Oct. 1975 (11)
Windhoek Municipality. Windhoek 90 years old. Laying of wreath at the Curt von François memorials. 18 Oct. 1980 (11)
Windhoek Municipality. Zoo Garden. Planting of a tree by the Administrator of South West Africa, Mr. Daan Viljoen, and by the Mayor of Windhoek, Mr. Jack Levinson. 4 Nov. 1963 (9)
Windhoek Music Society: Concert. 19 July 1948 (1)
Windhoek Old Location. 1954 (7)
Windhoek Old Location. 21 May 1961 (23)
Windhoek. Old Location. Children in traditional dress (2)
Windhoek Old Location. Commemmoration of the shooting on 10 December 1959 (24)
Windhoek Old Location. Cyril Bowker Hall. 29 March 1954 (7)
Windhoek Old Location. Dance. 14 Sept. 1959 (36)
Windhoek. Old Location. Family in front of a hut (1)
Windhoek. Old Location. Herero woman busy sewing in fron of a hut (2)
Windhoek Old Location. Pictures from the Old Location (15)
Windhoek Old Location. South African Minister of Native Affairs Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd on a visit to the Windhoek Location. 28 July 1955 (12)
Windhoek. Old Location. Woman carrying water on her head (1)
Windhoek Old Location. Wrestling and boxing match at the Windhoek Old Location. 1954 (11)
Windhoek. Old power station (4)
Windhoek. Picture of the brewery of South West Breweries in Tal Street. Date unknown (1)
Windhoek. Soldier's graves on the oldest cemetery (1)
Windhoek. South African Airways aeroplane on the J.G. Strijdom airport (1)
Windhoek sports and entertainment trade unions' press conference (10)
Windhoek. Storm over Windkoek (1)
Windhoek. Street maintenance in Windhoek with road scraper and water lorries (3)
Windhoek Street Market. Pictures of the street market in Kaiser street. 1982 and 1983 (22)
Windhoek. Tintenpalast (1)
Windhoek. Town Engineers Congress at the Wanderer's Club. Party for delegates in the garden of South West House (8)
Windhoek Universal Motors. Beauty competition for the election of Miss South West in the Odeon cinema. Miss A Liebenberg was crowned Miss South West. 14 Oct. 1964 (17)
Windhoek Universal Motors. Picture of Ford Zephyr. 18 Aug. 1966 (1)
Windhoek Universal Motors. Sales premises of preowned cars near Acme Cinema. May 1966 (2)
Windhoek. View from Tintenpalast on Windhoek (2)
Windhoek. View of Christuskirche (1)
Windhoek. View of Windhoek from west to the Christuskirche (1)
Windhoek. View on Windhoek with stormy atmosphere (1)
Window display for Atlantic Engineering Works, Windhoek (12)
Window display from Stewards & Lloyds, Windhoek (3)
Window display: Immelmann Furnishers or Windhoek Furnishers (6)
Winson party Caffee Zoo (13)
Witbooi, Hendrik. Photographic copy of picture of Hendrik Witbooi (2)
Witbooi, Hendrik. Portrait of 'small' Hendrik Witbooi, grandson of'old' Hendrik Witbooi (1)
Wolfgang Reith Collection. Herero Day festivities in Okahandja 1986 (31)
Woman handling pot on fire, busy cooking food (1)
Woman's Paradise. Fashion show in the South African Arts Association Theatre with Inges's Boutique and Otto Mühr. 7 and 8 Nov. 1969 (26)
Woman with baby. Ovambo (1)
Woman with children at dead lion (1)
Women and children in front of Whippet motor car, Keetmanshoop, ca.1930 (1)
Women golfers with caddies, Ovamboland (1)
Women moving their bodies in an efundula sequence, Ovamboland (3)
Women. Ovambo woman in front of Makalani palm tree (1)
Women potters in Ovamboland. Pots displayed, with oven for baking clay behind (1)
Women. Two Ovambo women in traditional dress (3)
Women. Young Ovambo girl busy making a basket of the leaves of teh Makalani palm tree (1)
Woodstock horse racing event (62)
Woodway Service Station. Pictures of the courtyard and caravans. 1 March 1971 (2)
Woodway Service Station. Pictures of the servive station. 3 July 1968 (5)
Wool Board. South African Wool Board. Fashion show in Windhoek. 19 March 1965 (4)
Worker's Day celebrations at the Independence Stadium: 1 May 1990 (6)
Young black woman in front of Ovambo homestead (2)
Young Ovambo women photographed in Oukwanyama and Central/Eastern Ovamboland (12)
Young women and children fishing in the rainy season in Ovamboland (3)