Bad road near Tses (1)
Bantu Affairs. Twelfth Annual Conference of the Bantu Affairs Ministry. 8 - 12 July 1963 (30)
Barclays Bank. It's a Woman's World: Seminar on the banking world of the woman. 11 Aug. 1979 (3)
Barclays Bank Walvis Bay. Models of the new building for Barclays Bank in Walvis Bay by F.H.C. Dixon and Associates Chartered Architects (5)
Bazaar of the Eros School in 1949 (11)
The beach at Benguela, Angola (1)
Beach in Benguela, Angola (1)
Berg Flats in Windhoek. ??. Date unknown (4)
Berseba Reserve. Nama family in front of provisory hut from branches; section of a mat-house visible to the left (1)
Bierbrauer & Wilhelm Transport. Pictures of cars and name of company (6)
B.J. Vorster. Prime Minister of South Africa, B.J. Vorster, attending a gathering of German ex-internees in the Continental Hotel (28)
Black family in front of hut, Angola? (1)
Blacks busy pounding maize, Ovamboland? (1)
Black women busy pounding corn, Ovamboland? (1)
Blackwood Hodge. Pictures of activities outside the building and in the workshop (16)
Blackwood Hodge. Pictures of the building (9)
Blackwood Hodge. Pictures of the office (7)
A boat used to transport tourists in the Zambezi River in Katima Mulilo (1)
Body building competition in Windhoek (5)
Boere-Saamwerk Beperk. Pictures of the outside of building in Rehobother Weg. 3 July 64 and 10 July 1965 (2)
Boere-Saamwerk Beperk. S.W.A. Kongres. Group photograph. 3 Oct. 1962. Meeting of regional heads (2)
Book exhibition by the Consulate of the German Federal Republic in the Gemeindezentrum of the Evangelical German Church in Windhoek. Opening (5)
Boring equipment powered by wood-fired steam engine, Southern Namibia, 1920s (1)
Botswana. State visit of Quett Masire to Namibia (33)
Brandberg. Aerial photos. 1954/55 (7)
Brandberg. Aerial photos. January 1956 (6)
Brandberg C. 20 April 1953 (1)
Brandberg C.20 April 1953 (53)
Brandberg expedition. 26 May to 2 June 1962 (16)
Brandberg expedition. 6 to 13 May 1963 (12)
Brandberg expedition. April 1965 (4)
Brandberg expedition. June 1954 (11)
Brandberg. 'Felsenzirkus' (8)
Brandberg. January 1962 (10)
Brandberg. Jochen Roth, Heinrich Roth, J. Celff?? (28)
Brandberg. Konf?? Beck? Andreas Kl?? Kerby?? 21/9/57 (9)
Brandberg. Photographic copy of a map of the Brandberg mountains. July 1957 (1)
Brandberg. Photographs. 1972 (12)
Brandberg: Rock painting at the Brandberg (1)
Brandberg rock paintings (29)
Brandberg: White Lady rock painting (1)
British Signals Department. Arrival in Namibia on 25 July 1990 (10)
Brockmann & Kriess. Pelikan Kiste Windhoek (3)
Buck swimming in river (1)
Building of Malherbe and Kiesewetter Garage, Windhoek (32)
Burnt Mountain: "Organ pipes" at the Burnt Mountain in Damaraland (1)
A bush-fire, Ovamboland (1)