Cannons at Government Buildings in WIndhoek (1)
Cantare Audire choir singing during Namibian independence celebrations (3)
Cape Cross: Cape fur seals (1)
Cape Cross. December 1952 (16)
Cape Cross: Young Cape fur seal (1)
Captain Bader (14)
Car in front of Christuskirche for the wedding ceremony of Sachse - Alexander (1)
Catholic Woman League. Founding (5)
Catholic Woman League. Founding. President: Mrs. Irene Erlich (1)
Cattle at a watering place, place unknown (1)
Cattle-herding and veterinary controls, Ovamboland (2)
Celebration of U.S National Day (4)
Celebration of U.S National Day 1993 (2)
Central Cafe. Hepworths Arcade, Windhoek. Pictures of the inside of the Café (2)
Central News Agency, Windhoek, Kaiser Street. Interior view of renovated shop. 21.11.68 (8)
Cheering followers of Chief Oorlog, Kaokoveld (1)
Cheetah. Taken for Lucia Grellmann Furriers as part of a series of Karakul pelt fashion show (1)
Chez Madame: inauguration of ladies clothing shop in Windhoek. 2.8.66 (6)
Chief Kukuri of Otjosazu with principal wife (1)
Chief Native Commissioner's visit to Kwanyama "Tribal" meeting; Oshikango, Oukwanyama (3)
Chief Native Commissioner's visit to Kwanyama Tribal meeting; Oshikango, Oukwanyama (1)
Chief Oorlog of Kaokoveld (1)
Child Paul Petzold with (his father's?) camera on tripod, Keetmanshoop ca.1931 (1)
Children costumes procession, Windhoek (29)
Children of the Petzold family in Keetmanshoop, 1926 (1)
Children's concert. Children playing instruments and singing (10)
C.H.L. Hahn at a Portuguese border post, 1930's (1)
C.H.L. Hahn's "Native Scouts" used in the preparation for the South African Expedition against Mandume, 1917 (2)
Choir concert in the Windhoek Theatre organised by the South West African Coloureds Teachers Association and the Coloureds Advisory Council. 3 November 1962 (28)
Christmas celebration for children in the Zoo Park in December 1947 (3)
Christmas celebrations in the Native Hospital (31)
Christukirche. Renovation of the church in September 1989 (12)
Christukirche. Renovation of the tower in September 1989 (14)
Christuskirche from the inside during the wedding ceremony of Sachse - Alexander (9)
Church building with Aloe littoralis in front of church. Date unknown (2)
Church house buildings in Rehoboth (5)
Cinema Walvis Bay. Model drawing of the new cinema for Walvis Bay by F.H.C. Dixon and Associates Chartered Architects (1)
Club Service Station. View of outside buildings. 7.7.64 (4)
Cocky Hahn and dogs with prey (Oryx) on motor-car (3)
Cocky Hahn and Himba servant carrying prey on pole (1)
Cocky Hahn and hunting party with dead lioness on motor-car, 1930's (4)
Cocky Hahn relaxing on verandah of his house (1)
Cocky Hahn relaxing with friends in river (1)
Cocky Hahn with pet duiker (1)
Code of conduct signing at Tintenpalast (7)
Collection of registration cards at Mpatcha, Rundu and Grootfontein (6)
Coloureds. S.W.A. Coloureds. (23)
Committee of Export. Group photo: J.G.H. van der Wath, A.H. du Plessis, Mr. Marais, Eaton (Native Affairs), Kloppers (Secretary). 11 June 1966 (1)
Commonwealth announcement about admittance of Namibia as member of the British Commonwealth (15)
Concert of the Windhoek Music Society (10)
Construction of a residency, Ondangua (1)
A consultative meeting at Kwanyama Kingdom in Ohangwena (6)
Continental Building. Construction in 1949 (6)
Cosmetic Box. Interior view of cosmetic shop. Owner: Mr. Hellmann. 20.1.66 (10)
Cramer's departure to Ossi, Ox wagons (1)
Cramer's Werft in Kassinga, Angola (2)
Crocodile sequence, setting up poses with the kill (3)
Crowd of people, Ovamboland, occasion unknown (1)
The Cultural Day (3)
Cyphostemma currorii plant. Other names: Butter tree, botterboom, Kobas (1)