Hage Geingob portrait (1)
Hahn Collection. Construction gang in Ovamboland (1)
Hahn Collection. Family of Cocky Hahn with visitors Date possibly in early thirties (1)
Hahn Collection. Family scene at farmstead, Grootfontein. House of wife with child (1)
Hahn Collection. Famine of the dams, 1929-1930 (1)
Hahn Collection. Famine of the dams, 1929-1930: Dam built by Ovambo labourers, Ovamboland (1)
Hahn Collection. Gathering in Ovamboland official residence, possibly thatched house; rifte Volley (1)
Hahn Collection. Herero or Damara settlement (1)
Hahn Collection. Official residence of the Native Commissioner with garden (?) (1)
Hahn Collection. Oshikango August 1935. Kwanyama "tribal" meeting. Headmen seated in foreground, messenger standing to right (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland. Another view of the Ukunyama "Tribal" meeting. Bringing up the tribal ox for presentation to the chief Native Commissioner. Headmen of the tribe in foreground. Oshikango August 1935 (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland: Bush fire (2)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland. Crops: Mahango (pearl millet), beans (?), and melons with Makalani palms in background (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland. Efundja (Food) scene with water lilies (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland: Efundula (female initiation) with drummers, young women, and observers (9)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland. Flood in Ovamboland, men urging oxen in span across the water (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland. Group of Ovambo smiths at work (?) (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland: Line of women with pots bearing refreshments (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland. Male drummers lined up during the Chief Native Commissioner's visit to Oshikango in 1935. The long Efundula drum was used during 'tribal' performances on this occasion (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland. Officers visiting Ovambo homestead (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland. Oshikango August 1935. Kwanyama "Tribal" meeting (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland. Oshikango August 1935. Kwanyama "Tribal" meeting with Chief Native Commissioner and visitors (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland. Oshikango August 1935. Kwanyama "Tribal" meeting with chief Native Commissioner and visitors. Gathering to hear cases (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland: Oshikango August 1935. Tribal meeting with Kwanyama, with Chief Native Commissioner, and other visitors with Ovamboland officials (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland. River bed with goats and cattle Kunene? (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland: Three aeroplanes, led by Pierre van Ryneveld came to depose King Ipumbu yaTshilongo (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland: White official visitors in an Ovambo residence (1)
Hahn Collection. Ovamboland. Women golfers with caddies and clubs in vehicle (1)
Hahn Collection. Panorama showing convoy on foot through Kaokoland? Resident Comissioner on tour ? (2)
Hahn Collection. Photographs taken by Cocky Hahn of Ovamboland (24)
Hahn Collection. Probably food distribution during the 'Famine of the dams', 1929-1930 in Ovamboland to women, children (3)
Hahn Collection. River scene: Boats, crocodiles and Cocky Hahn (?) with rifle (1)
Hahn Collection. Small boy about to dance at ceremony in Ovamboland (1)
Hahn Collection. White visitors in Ovambo homestead (1)
Hahn Collection. Women on the banks of the Kavango River with their fishing baskets (1)
Handing over of money donation for the University of Stellenbosch by Mr. Ernst Behnsen. 17/5/65 (9)
Handing over of the surveillance helicopter (2)
Hand-operated machinery of the defunct Hamburg-Afrika Marmorgesellschaft, with workers, Karibib (1)
Hansa Breweries, Swakopmund. Adverts for Hansa Beer. Photos taken in Café Schneider. April 66 (5)
Hardap Dam: Constuction in August 1960 (4)
Hartwig & Pingel. Pictures of shop. October 66 (9)
Headman. Picture of a traditional Ovambo headman (1)
Herero Day: Gravestone of Maharero (1)
Herero Day: Herero family next to the road (2)
Herero Day: Herero women next to the road (1)
Herero Day in Okahandja: Marching Mbanderu men (1)
Herero Day in Okahandja: Marching Mbanderu men with Scottish kilt (1)
Herero Day in Okahandja: Marching Mbanderu women (1)
Herero Day in Okahandja: Marching men (1)
Herero Day in Okahandja: Men marching with Scottish kilt (1)
Herero Day in Okahandja: Women of the Red Flag (1)
Herero Day in Okahandja: Women of the Red Flag and the White Flag (1)
Herero Day, Okahandja on 21 August 1983. Dirk Mudge and Chief Riruako walking in cemetery (1)
Herero Day: Old Rhenish Mission Church in Okahandja (2)
Herero Day procession. Date unknown (10)
Hererofrauen auf Otjosazu, Korn dreschend, ca.1892-1900 (2)
Hererofrau mit Junge und Milchgefäss (Alte Tracht) (1)
Herero function at the Old Location in Windhoek (42)
Herero mit ihren Frauen (2)
Herero people. Pictures of people in every day life. Date unknown (8)
Herero Pontok im Bau (1)
Herero settlement in Kaokoland (1)
Herero teachers, evangelists and church elders 1892 . Standing (left to right) teacher Christian Mupurua (Otjiruze), elder Zachaus (Okatumba), evangelist Paul Mbenovandu (Okatumba), elder Assa (Okatumba), Manasse Kujatura-Harenge (Otjihaenena), elder Wilhelm (Okahandja). Sitting: elder Josaphat Kamatoto (Otjozongjupa), evangelist Elia Kandirikirira (Otjiwarongo), elder Eliphas Karamo (Otjosazu), evangelist Traugott Kauapirura (Omaruru), elder Christian (Otjosazu), evangelist Gottlieb Kandirikirira (Otjihaenena) (1)
Herero woman with children in front of a a traditional hut (1)
Herero women (1)
Herfard Children's festival (16)
H.H. Schulz Building Contractor. New church for Dutch Reforned Church, Windhoek Norfth (?) erected by building contractor H.H. Schulz. May 1966 (3)
H.H. Schulz. New building for Rudolf Schuster (Pty) Ltd. erected by building contractor H.H. Schulz. May 1966 (1)
H.H. Schulz. New buildings erected by building contractor H.H. Schulz. May 1966 (9)
Hidipo Hamutenya (2)
Hidipo Hamutenya addressing the Grootfontein residents during the Heroes' Day rally in 1993 (4)
Hidipo Hamutenya portrait (1)
Hight Court. Inauguration of the Hight Court Building in Windhoek on 26 April 1960 by Justice L.C. Steyn (14)
Hi-Ho Vulcanizing. Pictures of vulcanising equipment. 15.5.65 (4)
Himba man, Kaokoveld (2)
Himba man with two Himba women, Kaokoveld (2)
Himba women (1)
HIV/AIDS and human rights conference held at Safari Hotel (6)
H. Kornblum Upholsterer, Otjiwarongo (6)
Holzgebäude in der Sturmvogelbucht. Vorderansicht mit Personen im Gruppenbild (1)
Holzgebäude in der Sturmvogelbucht. Vorderansicht und Seitenansicht (1)
Hoogenhout, Imker. Administrator for South West Africa. Pictures of inside of South West House. 1 Sept. 1949 (10)
Hoogenhout, Imker: Administrator Imker Hoogenhout at Windhoek Station during a military parade. 26 Nov. 1951 (11)
Horse carts with drivers in northern Namibia (5)
Hotel Continental (15)
House in Benguela, Angola (1)
House of von Westernhagen at Caala? (1)
Houses in Huambo, Angola (1)
Huber Furriers. Display window, July 64. (1)
Huber Furriers. Fashion pictures of Karakul cape and men's waistcoat. May 66 (8)
Huber Furriers. Fashion pictures of Karakul pelt coat. July 1966 (4)
Huber Furriers. Pictures of Karakul hat, handbag and coat fir Windhoek Advertiser. 3.8.66 (11)
Hunters with dead eagle (3)
Hunters with horses and prey, Ovamboland (2)
Hunter with his dogs and prey (wild pig), Ovamboland (1)
Hunter with horse sitting on a dead giraffe (1)