Miscellaneous. Herero traditional leaders
Original Headline:  Chief Council member with Ovaherero Chief Hosea Komobumbi Kutako
Detailed description:  Standing first row, 2nd from left: Katjijaha Uazikiza. 6th from left: Ivako Kapuuo, Standing, second row: Karuvepo Kavari, Mukurundu Hoveka, Hijatjuuru Makongo, Karire Kamberipa, Sitting, 3rd from left: Chief Hosea Kutako
Remarks:  Photos provided by Kape Tjiroze
Date:  December 1945
Remarks on Dating:  Between 1946 and 1956
Persons on image:  Kutako, Hosea, Uazikiza, Katjijaha, Kapuuo, Ivako, Kavari, Karuvepo, Hoveka, Mukurundu, Makongo, Hijatjuuru, Kamberipa, Karire
Photographer:  Unknown
Medium:  Image
Colour:  BW
File format:  Electronic image
Contributing institution:  Namibia University of Science and Technology
Custody:  NUST
Local keywords:  Traditional leaders, Herero leaders
Version:  A4 photo
Type:  Electronic image
Source:  A4 print
Date digitised:  October 2014
Collection name:  Miscellaneous
Date added:  10-30-2014
Data capturer:  RM
Metadata entry tool:  ISIS
Digitisation specs:  JPEG for display. Archives TIFF image was scanned at 800 dpi with Epson Expression 10000 XL scanner. 16 bit grey. A4 print
File name:  MISC_NEG_UNKN_img_042453.jpg