Floods in Namibia through the years. Theme for the DNA Exhibition in July/August 2011.
Detailed description:  Swakop river crossing, A deviation line was built. The deviation line was one and a quarter miles long, including a 600 feet trestle bridge. It was completed on 2 March 1934, during floods at Walvis Bay/Swakopmund, 2500 tons ex Walvis Bay and 250 tons ex Swakop were worked across before 4/3/34 on the right track. It was neccessary to uplift the stock to save it from being washed away
Remarks:  Various pictures selected for the DNA exhibition. Theme: Floods in Namibia
Date:  02 March 1934
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Local keywords:  Flood damage, Railway bridges, Railway construction, Railway lines, Floods
Photo No:  Photo no. 539 and 1031 ex Accession A. 33
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