National Monuments Council. Monuments of Namibia. Windhoek. Ovambo Memorial
Detailed description:  Owambo Campaign Memorial (near railway station), This memorial near the railway station was erected by members of the South African Army in memory of their comrades killed on the 6th of February, 1917 near Ehole (Oihole) in a battle against uprising of King Mandume Ndemufayo of Kwanjama. He was killed in action and his head was cut off.
Remarks:  Photos by Andreas Vogt on behalf of the National Monuments Council
Date:  200??
Remarks on Dating:  On slide
Photographer:  Andreas Vogt
Medium:  Image
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Contributing institution:  Namibia University of Science and Technology
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Version:  35 mm colour slide
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Date digitised:  December 2011
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