United Nations. Arrival of a delegation from the United Nations Organisation on the Airport in Windhoek in May 1962
Original Headline:  Administration. UNO. Ankunft auf dem Flughafen Windhoek im Mai 1962
Remarks:  The Trusteeship Committee required that South Africa revoke all apartheid laws that applied in South West Africa and it appointed a seven-nation committee to investigate conditions. In 1960 Liberia and Ethiopia applied to the International Court of Justice at The Hague, the World Court, for binding judgment against South Africa. The South African government invited the chairman and secretary of the seven-nation committee, Victorio Carpio of the Philippines and Dr Martinez de Alva of Mexico respectively, to visit the territory. They arrived in 1962 and while they were in South Africa they issued a report favourable to it., After leaving the country they brought out another report affirming that apartheid was being rigorously enforced in South West Africa and stating that South Africa did not intend to abandon its policies, and was not preparing the people of South West Africa for independence. Carpio repudiated the first report. At the time, Carpio and De Alva lost credibility, not only because the two reports seemed contradictory, but also because the South West African case was sub judice at The Hague. However, with the publication of the Odendaal Report in 1964, the substance of the second report was proved correct.
Date:  May 1962
Remarks on Dating:  From cover
Persons on image:  Carpio, Victorio, De Alva, Martinez, Van der Wath, J.G.H., Viljoen, Daniel du P. (Daan)
Organisations:  United Nations Organisation
Photographer:  Ottilie Nitzsche-Reiter
Colour:  BW
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Local keywords:  United Nations, Negotiations, United Nations resolutions, Independence, Petitions
Buildings:  Airport
Photo No:  ADMI 2-62
Version:  35 mm negative
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