Ovambo Compound Lüderitz: Photos of model designs. March 1966
Original Headline:  Ovambo Compound Lüderitz: Modelaufnahmen. März 1966
Date:  March 1966
Remarks on Dating:  From cover
Organisations:  Dixon and Associates Chartered Architects, Dixon, F.H.C
Photographer:  Ottilie Nitzsche-Reiter
Colour:  BW
File format:  Electronic image
Copyright holder:  NAN
Acknowledge:  NAN
Contributing institution:  Namibia University of Science and Technology
Custody:  NAN
Local keywords:  Compounds, Town planning, Town plans, Townships, Building design
Photo No:  Dixon 4-66
Version:  9x12 cm negative
Type:  Electronic image
Format:  Image
Source:  9x13 cm negative
Date digitised:  April 2010
Collection name:  ONR Collection
Date added:  04-15-2010
Data capturer:  RM
Metadata entry tool:  ISIS
Digitisation specs:  JPEG for display. Archives TIFF image was scanned at 1200 dpi with Epson Expression 10000 XL scanner. 16 bit grey. 9x12 cm negative changed to 4 by 6
File name:  ONR_NEG_DIX_img_032079.jpg, ONR_NEG_DIX_img_032080.jpg, ONR_NEG_DIX_img_032082.jpg, ONR_NEG_DIX_img_032081.jpg, ONR_NEG_DIX_img_032084.jpg, ONR_NEG_DIX_img_032083.jpg