UNTAG. Children of Katutura township, Windhoek, Namibia. April 1989
Detailed description:  Children of Khomasdal, a Windhoek township, hold up UNTAG bumper stickers which read "Free and Fair Elections" in Afrikaans. A voter registration drive for November 1989's scheduled elections to a Namibian constituent assembly began in March 1989
Remarks:  Over 5000 United Nations soldiers and civilians have been dispatched to Namibia to ease that country's long-delayed transition to independence. Under the direction of the Secretary General's Special Representative for Namibia, the United Nations Transition Assistance Group (UNTAG) is helping to implement the Namibian independence plan, which among other things provides for the Territory's demilititarization, the abolition of all discriminatory and restrictive laws, and free and fair elections to a national constituent assembly. The go-ahead for the historic operation which is being carried oiut in accordance with Security Council Resolution 435 (1978), was given by the Security Council on 16 Feb. 1989
Date:  April 1989
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