Bazaar of the Eros School in 1949
Original Headline:  Basaar der Eros Schule
Detailed description:  Women and school children at tables with products for sale at Eros School's bazaar
Date:  December 1948
Remarks on Dating:  ONR Logbook
Organisations:  Eros School
Photographer:  Ottilie Nitzsche-Reiter
Medium:  Image
Colour:  BW
Contributing institution:  Namibia University of Science and Technology
Custody:  NAN
Local keywords:  School bazaars, Bazaars
Photo No:  L-1144-49
Version:  35 mm negative
Collection name:  ONR Collection
Date added:  2009-09-28
Data capturer:  RM
File name:  ONR_L-1144-49_30067_img_000067.jpg, ONR_L-1144-49_30068_img_000068.jpg, ONR_L-1144-49_30069_img_000069.jpg, ONR_L-1144-49_30070_img_000070.jpg, ONR_L-1144-49_30071_img_000071.jpg, ONR_L-1144-49_30215_img_000215.jpg, ONR_L-1144-49_30216_img_000216.jpg, ONR_L-1144-49_30217_img_000217.jpg, ONR_L-1144-49_30218_img_000218.jpg, ONR_L-1144-49_30219_img_000219.jpg, ONR_L-1144-49_30231_img_000231.jpg