Windhoek Municipality. Election of mayor Rev. A.G.C. Yssel for a second term. Vice mayor: M.J. van Taak. 9 March 1977
Original Headline:  Bürgermeisterwahl: neuer Bürgermeister. Ds. Andries Yssel für ein zweites Jahr gewählt. Stellvertreter Bürgermeister: M.J. van Taak. 9. März 1977
Detailed description:  Group photo of a Committee (?), Back row from left: 2. Bernhard Haussmann, 3. City Engineer Clayton, 4. Town Clerk A.C. Arnold. 5. Willy Kotze, Front row: 1. E.G. Kaschik, 2. J.J. Botha, 3. Joey Olivier, 4. M.J. van Taak. 6 A.G. Yssel. 7. Jack Levinson. 8. Fanie Spies. 9. J.H.L. Nel. 11. A.B. May (?)
Date:  09 March 1977
Remarks on Dating:  From cover
Persons on image:  Yssel, A.G.C., Rev., Clayton, A.J., Haussmann, Bernhard, Van Taak, M.J., May, A.B., Arnold, A.C., Botha, J.J., Levinson, Jack, Nel, J.H.L., Olivier, Joey, Spies, Fanie, Kotzé, W.J.
Organisations:  Windhoek Municipality
Photographer:  Ottilie Nitzsche-Reiter
Medium:  Image
Colour:  Col.
File format:  Electronic image
Copyright holder:  NAN
Acknowledge:  NAN
Contributing institution:  Namibia University of Science and Technology
Custody:  NAN
Local keywords:  Windhoek, Mayors, Councillors
Photo No:  Muni 51-77
Version:  6x6 cm negative
Type:  Electronic image
Source:  6x6 cm negative
Date digitised:  November 2011
Collection name:  ONR Collection
Date added:  11-11-2011
Data capturer:  RM
Metadata entry tool:  ISIS
Digitisation specs:  JPEG for display. Archives TIFF image was scanned at 1200 dpi with Epson Expression 10000 XL scanner. 24 bit colour. 6x6 cm negative
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