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American fiction (36)
The Tarn of Eternity [electronic resource] / Frank Tymon
The Pioneers; Or, The Sources of the Susquehanna [electronic resource] / James Fenimore Cooper
'Lena Rivers [electronic resource] / Mary Jane Holmes
Project Gutenberg Complete Works of Winston Churchill [electronic resource] / Winston Churchill
Mr. Trunnell, Mate of the Ship "Pirate" [electronic resource] / T. Jenkins Hains
Family Pride; Or, Purified by Suffering [electronic resource] / Mary Jane Holmes
The Bradys and the Girl Smuggler; Or, Working for the Custom House [electronic resource] / Francis Worcester Doughty
The Bradys Beyond Their Depth; Or, The Great Swamp Mystery [electronic resource] / Francis Worcester Doughty
Domesday Book [electronic resource] / Edgar Lee Masters
True, and other stories [electronic resource] / George Parsons Lathrop
Vestigia. Vol. I. [electronic resource] / George Fleming
Vestigia. Vol. II. [electronic resource] / George Fleming
The Actress' Daughter : A Novel [electronic resource] / May Agnes Fleming
A Little Book of Profitable Tales [electronic resource] / Eugene Field
Peachmonk : A Serio-Comic Detective Tale in Which No Fire-Arms Are Used and No One is Killed [electronic resource] / John Eyerman
The Third Circle [electronic resource] / Will Irwin
Tioba, and Other Tales [electronic resource] / Arthur Colton
The Delectable Mountains [electronic resource] / Arthur Colton
A Man : His Mark. A Romance : Second Edition [electronic resource] / W. C. Morrow
The Manager of the B. and A. : A Novel [electronic resource] / Vaughan Kester
The Chronic Loafer [electronic resource] / Nelson Lloyd
At Close Range [electronic resource] / Francis Hopkinson Smith
Poker Jim, Gentleman, and Other Tales and Sketches [electronic resource] / G. Frank Lydston
In Great Waters : Four Stories [electronic resource] / Thomas A. Janvier
The Shadowy Third, and other stories [electronic resource] / Ellen Anderson Gholson Glasgow
The Bradys' Race for Life; or, Rounding Up a Tough Trio : A Detective Story of Life [electronic resource] / Francis Worcester Doughty
O. Henryana : Seven Odds and Ends, Poetry and Short Stories [electronic resource] / O. Henry
The Four-Fingered Glove; Or, The Cost of a Lie [electronic resource] / Nicholas Carter
The Plot That Failed; or, When Men Conspire [electronic resource] / Nicholas Carter
The Stolen Brain; Or, A Wonderful Crime [electronic resource] / Nicholas Carter
My Story That I Like Best [electronic resource] / Irvin S. Cobb
A Sharper's Downfall; Or, Into the Net [electronic resource] / Nicholas Carter
White Magic : A Novel [electronic resource] / David Graham Phillips
Following a Chance Clew; Or, Nick Carter's Lucky Find [electronic resource] / Nicholas Carter
A Cigarette Clew; Or, "Salted" For a Million [electronic resource] / Nicholas Carter
Argonaut stories [electronic resource]