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Aeronautics -- Juvenile fiction (92)
Tom Swift and His Sky Racer; Or, The Quickest Flight on Record [electronic resource] / Victor Appleton
Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship; Or, The Naval Terror of the Seas [electronic resource] / Victor Appleton
Tom Swift Among the Diamond Makers; Or, The Secret of Phantom Mountain [electronic resource] / Victor Appleton
Tom Swift and His Air Scout; Or, Uncle Sam's Mastery of the Sky [electronic resource] / Victor Appleton
Dick Hamilton's Airship; Or, A Young Millionaire in the Clouds [electronic resource] / Howard Roger Garis
The Boy Scouts of the Flying Squadron [electronic resource] / Robert Shaler
The Girl Aviators' Sky Cruise [electronic resource] / Margaret Burnham
The Boy Aviators in Africa; Or, an Aerial Ivory Trail [electronic resource] / John Henry Goldfrap
The Girl Aviators on Golden Wings [electronic resource] / Margaret Burnham
The Aeroplane Boys on the Wing; Or, Aeroplane Chums in the Tropics [electronic resource] / John Luther Langworthy
Boy Scouts in an Airship; Or, The Warning from the Sky [electronic resource] / G. Harvey Ralphson
The Brighton Boys with the Flying Corps [electronic resource] / James R. Driscoll
The Air Ship Boys : Or, the Quest of the Aztec Treasure [electronic resource] / H. L. Sayler
The Boy Aviators' Treasure Quest; Or, The Golden Galleon [electronic resource] / John Henry Goldfrap
Air Service Boys in the Big Battle; Or, Silencing the Big Guns [electronic resource] / Charles Amory Beach
Air Service Boys over the Atlantic; Or, The Longest Flight on Record [electronic resource] / Charles Amory Beach
The Aeroplane Boys Flight; Or, A Hydroplane Roundup [electronic resource] / John Luther Langworthy
The Girl Aviators' Motor Butterfly [electronic resource] / Margaret Burnham
The Boy Scout Aviators [electronic resource] / George Durston
Round the World in Seven Days [electronic resource] / Herbert Strang
The Airplane Boys among the Clouds; Or, Young Aviators in a Wreck [electronic resource] / John Luther Langworthy
On the Edge of the Arctic; Or, An Aeroplane in Snowland [electronic resource] / H. L. Sayler
With Airship and Submarine : A Tale of Adventure [electronic resource] / Harry Collingwood
Air Service Boys Flying for Victory; Or, Bombing the Last German Stronghold [electronic resource] / Charles Amory Beach
Battling the clouds : $b or, For a comrade's honor [electronic resource] / Frank Cobb
Famous Flyers and Their Famous Flights [electronic resource] / Jack Wright
The Girl Aviators and the Phantom Airship [electronic resource] / Margaret Burnham
Pemrose Lorry, Camp Fire Girl [electronic resource] / Isabel Hornibrook
Luftseilerens Skat [electronic resource] / Claude Grahame-White
Air Service Boys Over the Enemy's Lines; Or, The German Spy's Secret [electronic resource] / Charles Amory Beach
Eagles of the Sky; Or, With Jack Ralston Along the Air Lanes [electronic resource] / Ambrose Newcomb
Bill Bolton—Flying Midshipman [electronic resource] / Noel Sainsbury
The Boy Scouts of the Air in Indian Land [electronic resource] / Gordon Stuart
The Boy Aviators' Flight for a Fortune [electronic resource] / John Henry Goldfrap
The Flying Boat : A Story of Adventure and Misadventure [electronic resource] / Herbert Strang
The Phantom Airman [electronic resource] / Rowland Walker
The Motor Boys Over the Rockies; Or, A Mystery of the Air [electronic resource] / Clarence Young
Daring Wings [electronic resource] / Graham M. Dean
The Boy Aviators in Record Flight; Or, The Rival Aeroplane [electronic resource] / John Henry Goldfrap
The Motor Boys Over the Ocean; Or, A Marvelous Rescue in Mid-Air [electronic resource] / Clarence Young
The Sky Trail [electronic resource] / Graham M. Dean
Dangerous deeds : $b or, The flight in the dirigible [electronic resource] / Frank Cobb
The Sky Pilot's Great Chase; Or, Jack Ralston's Dead Stick Landing [electronic resource] / Ambrose Newcomb
Wings Over the Rockies; Or, Jack Ralston's New Cloud Chaser [electronic resource] / Ambrose Newcomb
The Motor Boys on the Wing; Or, Seeking the Airship Treasure [electronic resource] / Clarence Young
Flying the Coast Skyways; Or, Jack Ralston's Swift Patrol [electronic resource] / Ambrose Newcomb
Hal Kenyon Disappears [electronic resource] / Gordon Stuart
The Sky Detectives; Or, How Jack Ralston Got His Man [electronic resource] / Ambrose Newcomb
The Motor Boys After a Fortune; or, The Hut on Snake Island [electronic resource] / Clarence Young
Trackers of the Fog Pack; Or, Jack Ralston Flying Blind [electronic resource] / Ambrose Newcomb
The Boy Aviators on Secret Service; Or, Working with Wireless [electronic resource] / John Henry Goldfrap
The Motor Boys in the Clouds; or, A Trip for Fame and Fortune [electronic resource] / Clarence Young
The Ghost of Mystery Airport [electronic resource] / Van Powell
The Adventure Girls in the Air [electronic resource] / Clair Blank
A Viking of the Sky : A Story of a Boy Who Gained Success in Aeronautics [electronic resource] / Hugh McAlister
Bill Bruce on Forest Patrol [electronic resource] / Henry Harley Arnold
Dave Dashaway, Air Champion; Or, Wizard Work in the Clouds [electronic resource] / Roy Rockwood
Dave Dashaway the Young Aviator; Or, In the Clouds for Fame and Fortune [electronic resource] / Roy Rockwood
The Airship Boys' Ocean Flyer; Or, New York to London in Twelve Hours [electronic resource] / H. L. Sayler
The Motor Boys Under the Sea; or, From Airship to Submarine [electronic resource] / Clarence Young
The Flying Machine Boys in the Wilds; Or, The Mystery of the Andes [electronic resource] / Frank Walton
The Flying Machine Boys on Duty; Or, The Clue Above the Clouds [electronic resource] / Frank Walton
Dave Dashaway Around the World; or, A Young Yankee Aviator Among Many Nations [electronic resource] / Roy Rockwood
The Motor Boys on the Border; Or, Sixty Nuggets of Gold [electronic resource] / Clarence Young
The Banner Boy Scouts in the Air [electronic resource] / George A. Warren
The Flying Machine Boys on Secret Service; Or, The Capture in the Air [electronic resource] / Frank Walton
The Mystery Crash : Sky Scout Series, #1 [electronic resource] / Van Powell
Bill Bolton and Hidden Danger [electronic resource] / Noel Sainsbury
De aeroplaan van m'nheer Vliegenthert [electronic resource]
The Stolen Aeroplane; or, How Bud Wilson Made Good [electronic resource] / H. L. Sayler
The Aeroplane Express; or, The Boy Aeronaut's Grit [electronic resource] / H. L. Sayler
The Brighton Boys in Transatlantic Flight [electronic resource] / James R. Driscoll
In the Clouds for Uncle Sam; or, Morey Marshall of the Signal Corps [electronic resource] / H. L. Sayler
A Cruise in the Sky; or, The Legend of the Great Pink Pearl [electronic resource] / H. L. Sayler
Battling the Bighorn; or, The Aeroplane in the Rockies [electronic resource] / H. L. Sayler
Airplane Boys at Platinum River [electronic resource] / E. J. Craine
The Haunted Hangar : Sky Scouts/Air Mystery series #3 [electronic resource] / Van Powell
Airplane Boys Discover the Secrets of Cuzco [electronic resource] / E. J. Craine
The Boy Aeronauts' Club; or, Flying for Fun [electronic resource] / H. L. Sayler
Our Young Aeroplane Scouts in France and Belgium : Or, Saving the Fortunes of the Trouvilles [electronic resource] / Horace Porter
When Scout Meets Scout; or, The Aeroplane Spy [electronic resource] / H. L. Sayler
Bill Bolton and the Flying Fish [electronic resource] / Noel Sainsbury
The Boy Scouts and the Army Airship [electronic resource] / John Henry Goldfrap
Radio Boys in the Flying Service; or, Held For Ransom by Mexican Bandits [electronic resource] / J. W. Duffield
The Airship Boys in the Great War; or, The Rescue of Bob Russell [electronic resource] / De Lysle F. Cass
Ben Hardy's flying machine; or, Making a record for himself [electronic resource] / Frank V. Webster
The Bird Boys' Aeroplane Wonder; Or, Young Aviators on a Cattle Ranch [electronic resource] / John Luther Langworthy
The Rambler Club's aeroplane [electronic resource] / W. Crispin Sheppard
An aviator's luck : $b or, The Camp Knox plot [electronic resource] / Frank Cobb
The Bird boys : $b Or, the young sky pilots' first air voyage [electronic resource] / John Luther Langworthy
Tom Swift circling the globe; or, The daring cruise of the Air Monarch [electronic resource] / Victor Appleton
The non-stop stowaway : $b The story of a long distance flight [electronic resource] / Clayton Knight