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Abduction -- Fiction (36)
The Vicar of Wakefield [electronic resource] / Oliver Goldsmith
Facing the Flag [electronic resource] / Jules Verne
Castle Craneycrow [electronic resource] / George Barr McCutcheon
Face au drapeau [electronic resource] / Jules Verne
The Vicar of Wakefield [electronic resource] / Oliver Goldsmith
The Millionaire Baby [electronic resource] / Anna Katharine Green
My Little Sister [electronic resource] / Elizabeth Robins
The Tragedy of Ida Noble [electronic resource] / William Clark Russell
Wakefieldin kappalainen [electronic resource] / Oliver Goldsmith
Le Vicaire de Wakefield [electronic resource] / Oliver Goldsmith
The Little Monsters Come [electronic resource] / Ray Cummings
The Five Hells of Orion [electronic resource] / Frederik Pohl
Prisoner of the Brain-Mistress [electronic resource] / Bryce Walton
Tiger by the Tail [electronic resource] / Poul Anderson
Juggernaut of Space [electronic resource] / Ray Cummings
Healing Rays in Space [electronic resource] / J. Harvey Haggard
Nat, The Trapper and Indian-Fighter [electronic resource] / Lettie Artley Irons
Tigre and Isola [electronic resource] / Will H. Thompson
The Phantom Rider; or The Giant Chief's Fate : A tale of the old Dahcotah country [electronic resource] / Maro O. Rolfe
The Three Trappers; or, The Apache Chief's Ruse [electronic resource] / Edward Sylvester Ellis
Wild Nat, the Trooper; or, The Cedar Swamp Brigade [electronic resource] / William R. Eyster
Menace From Vega [electronic resource] / Randall Garrett
John Holder's Weapon [electronic resource] / Robert Moore Williams
The Time Snatcher [electronic resource] / Randall Garrett
Delaware Tom; or, The Traitor Guide [electronic resource] / Jos. E. Badger
Fortune's Fool [electronic resource] / Rafael Sabatini
Old Ruff, the Trapper; or, The Young Fur-Hunters [electronic resource] / Edward Sylvester Ellis
The impossible invention [electronic resource] / Robert Moore Williams
The phantom tracker; or, The prisoner of the hill cave [electronic resource] / Frederick H. Dewey
The red wizard, or, the cave captive [electronic resource] / Edward Sylvester Ellis
The shoemaker : A powerful picture of nature, adapted from Hal Reid's famous drama of the same name [electronic resource] / Olive Harper
Mad Anthony's scouts; or, The rangers of Kentucky [electronic resource] / Edward Sylvester Ellis
Nat Wolfe; or, The gold hunters : A romance of Pike's Peak and New York [electronic resource] / Metta Victoria Fuller Victor
Dusky Dick ; or, Old Toby Castor's great campaign : A story of the last Sioux outbreak [electronic resource] / Jos. E. Badger
Cato, the creeper; or, The demon of Dead-Man's Forest [electronic resource] / Frederick H. Dewey
Even Stephen [electronic resource] / Charles A. Stearns