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Airplanes -- Juvenile fiction (32)
Boy Scouts of the Air on Lost Island [electronic resource] / Gordon Stuart
The Girl Aviators' Sky Cruise [electronic resource] / Margaret Burnham
The Girl Aviators on Golden Wings [electronic resource] / Margaret Burnham
The Boy Scouts of the Flying Squadron [electronic resource] / Robert Shaler
The Girl Aviators' Motor Butterfly [electronic resource] / Margaret Burnham
Luftseilerens Skat [electronic resource] / Claude Grahame-White
The Girl Aviators and the Phantom Airship [electronic resource] / Margaret Burnham
Jane, Stewardess of the Air Lines [electronic resource] / Ruthe S. Wheeler
Bill Bolton—Flying Midshipman [electronic resource] / Noel Sainsbury
Mystery Wings : A Mystery Story for Boys [electronic resource] / Roy J. Snell
Witches Cove : A Mystery Story for Girls [electronic resource] / Roy J. Snell
The Air Patrol : A Story of the North-west Frontier [electronic resource] / Herbert Strang
Hal Kenyon Disappears [electronic resource] / Gordon Stuart
The Sky Trail [electronic resource] / Graham M. Dean
The Air Mystery of Isle La Motte [electronic resource] / E. J. Craine
Gypsy Flight : A Mystery Story for Girls [electronic resource] / Roy J. Snell
Airplane Boys in the Black Woods [electronic resource] / E. J. Craine
The Secret Battleplane [electronic resource] / Percy F. Westerman
Motor Matt on the Wing; or, Flying for Fame and Fortune [electronic resource] / Stanley R. Matthews
Motor Matt's Short Circuit; or, The Mahout's Vow [electronic resource] / Stanley R. Matthews
Motor Matt's Engagement; or, On the Road with a Show [electronic resource] / Stanley R. Matthews
Motor Matt's Make Up; or, Playing a New Rôle [electronic resource] / Stanley R. Matthews
The Flying Boys in the Sky [electronic resource] / Edward Sylvester Ellis
Motor Matt's Reverse; or, Caught in a Losing Cause [electronic resource] / Stanley R. Matthews
Motor Matt's Make-and-Break; or, Advancing the Spark of Friendship [electronic resource] / Stanley R. Matthews
Bill Bolton and Hidden Danger [electronic resource] / Noel Sainsbury
The Brighton Boys in Transatlantic Flight [electronic resource] / James R. Driscoll
Bill Bolton and the Flying Fish [electronic resource] / Noel Sainsbury
The Flying Boys to the Rescue [electronic resource] / Edward Sylvester Ellis
Hike and the aeroplane [electronic resource] / Sinclair Lewis
The Rambler Club's aeroplane [electronic resource] / W. Crispin Sheppard
The non-stop stowaway : $b The story of a long distance flight [electronic resource] / Clayton Knight