Karibib: Cemetery - entrance
Head line:  Karibib: Cemetery - entrance
Detailed description:  Wall with iron wrought gate. Pillars with cross
Details of Buildings:   - Reference No: HKa 6.1.2 - Grading: 57 C - Type of building: Cemetery - Style period:  - Architect: unknown - Builder: for Rhenish Mission - Date erected: approx. 1900 until 1967 - Name of building: Karibib cemetery
Remarks:  New cemetery opened 1967. Some funerals exceptionally on the old cemetery
Subjects:  Gates, Ironwork, Walls
Places:  Erongo, Karibib, off Main Road to Swakopmund, "Karibib" No. HS4
Date of photo:  1988
Remarks on dating:  Estimated
Copyright holder:  Namibian Institute of Architects
Provenance:  Namibian Institute of Architects
Photographer:  Edda Schoedder
Technical info
Medium:  STI
Colour:  col.
Format: TIF
Date digitised: June 2016
Collection: Schoedder
Metadata entry tool: ISIS