Omaruru: Old Mission House
Head line:  Omaruru: Old Mission House
Detailed description:  Proclaimed a national monument on 15 January 1986, Portion of this old Rhenish Mission House was built in 1868 by the Evangelist Daniël Cloete. In 1870 the Rev. Gottlieb Viehe erected a house, directly next to the existing portion. In this house, in 1874, the Rev. Viehe translated the New Testament, the Liturgical prayers, and the Catechism into the Herero language, and thereby Herero was elevated to a written language. Later, between the years 1887 and 1900, the Rev. Eduard Dannert joined the two buildings into one.
Details of Buildings:   - Reference No: COm 2.4.3 - Grading: 65 B - Type of building: Mission stations - Style period: 1e - Architect: Gottlieb Viehe - Builder: Rhenish Mission - Date erected: 1872 - Name of building: Old Mission House
Remarks:  National Monuments in Namibia / Andreas Vogt. p. 191
Subjects:  Mission stations, Mission houses
Persons:  Viehe, Gottlieb
Organisations:  Rhenish Mission Society
Places:  Erongo, Omaruru, Main Street, 479
Date of photo:  1988
Copyright holder:  Namibian Institute of Architects
Provenance:  Namibia Institute of Architects
Photographer:  Edda Schoedder
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Medium:  STI
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Date digitised: June 2016
Collection: Schoedder
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